Prudence McCabe Confections

"Where Your Sweetest Dreams Begin"

Chocolate Covered Oreos - $12.50/dozen - These dark, milk or white chocolate covered treats are sure to please. Choose                                                                          all one kind of chocolate or a combination of all 3. They are finished off with a decorative                                                                                  chocolate drizzle.  These treats can also be customized to fit your special occasion or event.
          Chocolate Covered Pretzels - $12.50/dozen -  Crunchy, salty pretzels dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate then finished                                                                          off with decorative chocolate drizzle. These treats can also be customized to fit your special                                                                            occasion or event.
          Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels - $15.00/dozen - Crunchy, salty pretzels dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate and                                                                        finished off with a dusting of your choice of crushed butterfinger candy bars or micro M&M's.
               Non-Pariels - $8.00/lb - Dark, milk and/or white chocolate candies are made with seasonal colors or colors that will match                                                               your event or a holiday (red, green and white for the Christmas season). You have your choice of                                                                   all one flavor or a combination of all 3.
                     Peppermint Patties - $10.00/lb - Smooth, minty patties dipped in dark chocolate. These treats are the perfect thing for                                                                  an after dinner treat. Centers or the chocolate covering can be customized to fit your special                                                                          occasion or event.
          Peanut Butter Melt-A-Ways - $12.00/lb - These treats do exactly what their name says they'll do.......melt away. Available in                                                              Milk, Dark  or  white chocolate blended with creamy peanut butter to make that indulgent bite. If                                                                you want you can choose crunchy peanut better instead for added texture.
Raspberry Cheesecake Cups - $12.00/lb - Cheesecake flavored white chocolate with a gooey raspberry filling
          Coffee Fudge Cups - $12.00/lb - Kona coffee flavored milk chocolate with a gooey chocolate filling
                                The Fix - $14.00/lb - One of our signature treats these are available in Dark or Milk chocolate cups with a gooey                                                               caramel center topped off with just a hint of sea salt. This is a sure fire hit when you have that                                                                       craving for something a little sweet and a little salty.
          Peanut Butter Eggs - $12.00/lb - Creamy peanut butter egg dipped in milk, dark or white chocolate. Always a favorite around                                                           Easter time.
          Coconut Cream Eggs - $12.00/lb - Sweet coconut cream center dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate. Another Easter                                                                       favorite.
          Peanut Rolled Eggs - $12.00/lb - Indulgent white chocolate center dipped in dark chocolate then rolled in freshly crushed                                                                  peanuts. Center can be colored to match your event or occasions. These are great at a "Reveal" type                                                         baby shower.          
               Molded Lollipops - $1.00 each - We have molds for so many different occasions and every holiday. Special pricing for                                                                  larger quantities. 
                   Molded Treats - $9.00/lb - Individually molded candy pieces for nearly every occasion from holidays to religious events,                                                      from teacher appreciation day to weddings, bridal and baby showers. Just ask us to see what we have                                                       to fit your occasion.
Pecan Turtle - $1.00 Each - A Pecan swimming in a pool of liquid caramel molded into a square of dark                                                            chocolate and topped with another Pecan.