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Gift Boxes and Baskets

Please note unfortunately with how the web based software is set up we can not do a direct web store offering on the Gift Baskets or Boxes.  To order items from this page you will need to call directly to our shop in Mount Airy 336-648-8160 or email us from the CONTACT US page on this site.

Wine Truffle Gift Box

Delicious Wine gift box containing 2 each of our White wine in white chocolate, White wine in Dark chocolate, Cinnamon Extract, and Champagne Truffles.


G ift Box of 6 Wine Truffles Your Choice content From;

Wine - Dark or White

Jack Daniels

Straight Kahlua


Cinnamon Extract 


 12 PC. Truffle Gift Box

Pick any 12 truffles from our list to make up your own special gift.


6 PC. Truffle Gift Box

Pick any 6 truffles from our list to make up your own special gift.



1 Espresso Truffle

1 Double Espresso Truffle

1 Package of Bacon (your choice of chocolate)

1 Cake Pop Your choice of flavor

Coffe, Cake & Bacon what better way to WAKE UP - Breakfast in a box.


                                                                                                  Super Size it (Double It) for $10.00