Prudence McCabe Confections

"Where Your Sweetest Dreams Begin"


Quotes I ordered around the holidays and had the items shipped directly to my grandchildren. The items arrived intact, prompt, YUMMY and beautifully marked for each child. Packed with love by "Uncle Susie" (Now Prudence McCabe Confections). Granny included a little something for herself in the order, and that was marked as well <3. I am definitely a repeat customer. Quotes
Extremely Satisfied Mail-Order Chocoholic

Quotes My family had the privilege of trying some of "Uncle Susie's" sweets and treats (Now Prudence McCabe Confections), my youngest loves her candy so much he talks about her Christmas bark all year long, he does have his personal favorite candy. And my daughter and I Iove trying all of Sue's candy. Being a wife of a diabetic, we don't keep alot of sweets in the house but when we do it is a special treat for the children. And given the choice I would rather have sweets from "Uncle Susie's". Quotes
Lisa Kodra

Quotes after spending nearly a week at the manufacturer, Uncle Susie's (Now Prudence McCabe Confections) candy is very good and certainly worth a try by all who go to the website. all mail orders accepted and promptly filled. Quotes
nancy francisco
very satisfied mom