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About Us - Is there Really a Prudence McCabe?

Me and our newest chocolate maker - my first granddaughter!

Let's see if we can answer the question -  Is there a Prudence McCabe?  

Well, there may be somewhere, but not in our family.  However, the name is part of our family.  


Let's start at the beginning.  My name is Sue Heckman, and I am the owner.  No Prudence or McCabe there.   HMMM.

I started making candy in the early 2000's.  I started because I used to babysit friends' children.  I started watching my nieces then friends' babies.  3 of the first were Zach, Emily and Mackensey.  These are just the first of at least 30 kiddos over 12 years. 

Zach used to call me Uncle Susie.  No mater what his mom or I said about  the difference between Aunt and Uncle, I was always Uncle Susie.  

So remember this as you read on.

Em and Kens' mom asked me to come to her house and help her make candy  one evening -  I didn't really want to because I thought that there was no way I could make the candies that she did.  But that was my start .  From that time I learned and played around in the kitchen a lot.  I read and tried different things, some worked and some didn't.  I found out that I really enjoyed doing this.  That's when I started to dream about having my own shop and making candy full time.  

After about 15 years of making mainly simple chocolates for friends and family, I got the opportunity to try and make this dream come true.  It all came about because we had to move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina because my husband's job was moving.  Once there, I decided to open an on-line shop.  I named it Uncle Susie's Sweets and Treats.  SO now you know where that original name and interest came from - Zach-a-roni.  

We chose the lovely town of Mount Airy because we had visited it several times as tourists.  Many of you know Mount Airy and don't even realize it.  Many of you grew up with the Andy Griffith Show.  Mount Airy is where Andy grew up and where the show was based on.  Many of the places in the show are actual locations in and around the town.  If you ever get the opportunity to visit please take it.  The people are very similar to the way they were in the show.  MAIN St. is a wonderful street with all  kinds of shops on it and located at 192 North Main Street, located in part of an old J C Penney store, is Prudence McCabe Confections. 


In opening up a store front there is so much to do and take care of.  As I was working on all of this, I began thinking about the name and the times we live in - and honestly some questions I had gotten over time.  I decided to change the name.  To what though....

This, believe it or not, took longer and was more difficult than picking names for my 2 boys (Teo - Teodorico  which is Italian for Theodore, and John Paul). 

We thought about the name and thought about the name. We knew we wanted to "keep it in the family."  So .. Prudence was my grandmother's (my dad's mom) first name, and that was certainly in the family.  McCabe was my husband's grandmother's maiden name.   So we kept it in the family and it sounds really good together.   So now you know.  

Yes Believe it or Not I am an Insulin Dependent Diabetic 

In 1989, I was diagnosed as a diabetic and yes I own a chocolate shop.  

Many people wonder how I do it.  Since 1989, I have lived in a lot of places and had many doctors.  They were all good and while each has had his own way, one thing they all agreed on was that the key to staying on track was learning moderation and  balance in my life and my diet.  So I have learned it is not to completely do without, but do with very little.  That way you don't binge yourself and do damage by eating and eating the wrong stuff.    

New Products

We are always looking to increase our product line.  Being an insulin-dependent diabetic, I am working on a line of sugar free items to add to our list of products.  We welcome any suggestions or comments you may have. Go to our "Contact Us" page to submit your ideas or comments.

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority

Our main goal is to make sure that you, our customer, are satisfied with our products.   We will ALWAYS do our best to meet your individual needs in every order.